What is Lotus Scholars?

Scholarship. Global Awareness. Language Acquisition. International Travel.

Lotus Scholars learn about a foreign culture and its language, then they travel there.

The Lotus Project is a 2-year cross cultural and language training program for high school students. Our goal is to expose our Scholars to the exciting realities of foreign travel and the possibilities of studying, living, and working abroad.

We are a “school without walls” focused on developing and understanding an awareness of truly living in a global society. Over a 2-year period Scholars are exposed to foreign language and culture through weekly classes, bi-monthly meetings and field trips. At the end of the program, the Scholars travel abroad to experience a different culture firsthand, use their new language skills, and share their own culture and lifestyle with other youth.

Completion of assignments, maintaining a minimum “B” average in school, regular attendance, demonstrated language acquistion, and participation in fundraising activities are crucial elements for completing the program. It is our belief of that this unique opportunity for Scholars to learn a language and travel internationally will result in a life altering experience that broadens their world view and plants the seed of thinking outside the box.

Travel groups will be limited to no more than 12 Scholars. as a result, there is an application process for youth who desire to participate in the program. The international trip is at no cost to the Scholars, serving as the graduation reward for those who complete the program.